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A space where you can find a variety of craft jewelry selection, aromatic candles, essential oils, crystals, yoga accessories, astrology and aromatherapy tips.

Frequency Bath Soak

Relax in a peaceful Amethyst and Lavender or Rose Quartz and Geranium infused bath. Dead Sea, Salt Epsom, Salt Pink, Himalayan Sea Salt, Natural Crystals, Flowers, Safflower Petals, and Essential Oil in a 8oz bottle.

Germ Busting Hand Sanitizer

Cinnamon LeafCloveRosemaryEucalyptus, Lemon and Coconut Essential Oils with a base of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil for optimum sanitation while not drying out your skin.

Alcohol-free Germ Busting Hand Sanitizer features Benzalkonium Chloride, and FDA-approved active ingredient for OTC Hand Sanitizers that kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

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