Love at First Smell

Love at First Smell

February 13, 2021

Smell forms part of the framework that conforms to attractiveness standards.

By Jesus Sereno. Chicago, IL.

Experiencing heart racing, pupils dilate, feeling butterflies in the stomach and lack of appetite, are characteristic symptoms of the process of falling in love. But one aspect that is not taken into account is excessive sweating, a sign that you are under the power of smell.

For centuries, we have been tried to suppress body odor, since sweat is socially frowned upon and it is not taken into account that the aroma expelled by the body is in many occasions the most used way in both humans and animals to identify the couple on the sentimental level, as well as on the sexual.

Love alters the sympathetic system, whose main function is to prepare the organism to respond quickly to external stimulation; a reaction of the nervous system.

Among the myths that originate around this feeling, sight is may be one in relation to love. But, the love bond that arises between two people have a biochemical explanation and, as scientific research explains, smell is pointed out as the most powerful sense in terms of sexual contact.

Pheromones, aroma that fall in love.

Pheromones are chemicals produced by various glands in the body and released to the outside through sweat or urine. Human sweat contains pheromones that act as chemical signals capable of modifying human behavior.

We humans can detect other people's pheromones, usually unconsciously, through our olfactory system and, as incredible as it may seem, the human nose can detect, due to its specific body odor, the couple that best matches us genetically.

This means that, if a woman smells the T-shirts that different men have worn, she may find more pleasant the one that, in case she copulated with him and become fertilized, she would be less likely to have a descendant with some genetic disease.

In the same way, although men are not aware that the woman is ovulating, they respond with an increase in testosterone when smelling fatty acids present in the vaginal secretions of women in ovulation stage.

Our sense of smell not only allows us to perceive smells, it is also like a sexual compass, it makes us feel attracted to other people, provoking us “love at first smell”.



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