Aromatherapy and its Benefits

Aromatherapy and its Benefits

December 26, 2019

The most important quality of aromatherapy is the essential oils, which is a precious gift from Nature that help people to find mind, body, and spirit health and well-being.

By Sherique Perez. Chicago, IL.

Aromatic plants have been played a central role in the healing arts of early humankind. Our ancestors learned -through observing which plants sick animals ate- that eating certain roots, berries and leaves helped to alleviate the symptoms of different ailments. Early civilizations also discovered that burning twigs and leaves from certain plants could produce interesting effects. Some of these smoky aromas made people drowsy, while others cured ailments; some stimulate the sense, and a few gave rise to mystical and religious experience.    

This knowledge was eventually transmitted into this new generation. Now days, we know that vegetable base oils are used to dilute essential oils for the use of therapeutic massages working in harmony with the human body. The essential oils can also be used by adding a few drops to a bath, steam inhalation, blending them into face or body lotions and perfumes.

How do the essential oils work in the mind and the spirit?

The essential oils work in the mind because some oils have substances that act as an antidepressant, nerve tonic and aphrodisiac.  Also essential oils are living and dynamic substance they contain the active life force of the plant which they come from, this mechanism can affect a person’s feelings and mood.  When the person has contact, either by touch, smell or inhaled can trigger to a pleasant emotion, bringing a positive and beneficial state for the mind and for the spirit.  

How do the essential oils work in the body?

The essential oil work in the body trough particles that circulate around the bloodstream and travels to different organs and body system. There are many different ways to get in contact with the essentials oils one of them is through the lungs. When the essential oil is inhale it travels down the trachea and it goes down the bronchial tubes and then into the lungs. Also, during a massage the oils are drawn into the body through the skin and travels to the bloodstream. This mechanism can have beneficial effects in the body.    

The benefits of aromatherapy with the essentials oils in the human body can help reduce stress, prevent illness and reduce pain. This therapy is a holistic and alternative way to feel healthy. Also, it will help you to find harmony in your mind, body and spirit.  

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