Full Moon in Aquarius 2020!

Full Moon in Aquarius 2020!

August 03, 2020

This is the time to connect with our inner self and meditate. Do we want to continue carrying that heavy luggage? or maybe it is time to change chapter and create a different environment so we can achieve our goals and desires.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and represent the electricity. During this Full Moon we might feel that electricity and it is important to release that electricity into Nature.

Metaphorically speaking our sympathetic system that represent our fight or flight response might seems affected during this Full Moon because Mars just enter under the sign of Aries releasing frustration, anger and aggressive feelings. During this Full Moon we might feel that energy and it can alterated our nervous system.

The most important thing is to observe ourself, meditate and connect with our inner self. Things that we can do to transmute this energy is to connect with Nature. It is known that we can find negative ions in Nature. When we inhale negative ions it helps our blood to flow better, it calms our nervous system and help us feel better.

If for some reason is hard to go outside and connect with Nature.There are other options like essential oils. Lavender essential oil is a stress and anxiety relief, improved sleep and helps for cleansing. It is easy to use, you can add a couple drops of lavender essential oil into your palm and inhale or you can add some drops into a diffuser bracelet.

The Universe is telling us that is time to let go things that we do not need anymore. Are you ready to leave behind that heavy luggage? And remember in this Full Moon really observe your emotions and if you feel angry, frustrated or aggressive... there are always different ways to transform that energy using the energy of the Sun in Leo. Time to create positive things and shine like the Sun.

Be done in harmonious way!



Mari said:

Fabulous and so right on information.
Loved it.

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