Full Moon in Pisces - Surround with Beauty

Full Moon in Pisces - Surround with Beauty

September 02, 2020

In Astrology the Moon changes every 2 to 3 days into different zodiac signs, leading to drastic mood changes. Because every zodiac sign has different mood changes and personalities. Imagine all of us absorbing those energies!!! Is a lot, right?

The Moon now is in the Water element, ruled by Neptune, in ancient mythology Neptune is connected with the God Poseidon, who was considered the God of the Sea 

Exactly what we needed ‼️ Since we have so many planets under the Earth Element, Sun & Mercury under Virgo, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn & Uranus in Taurus. A lot of Earth in the environment!!! I put a simple example if we have a plant at home if we don't water the plant then what happens... it will die right? Then this is the perfect time to connect with its element Water!!!

Water is emotions, our feelings, Pisces is connected with our intuition, our dreams, the spiritual world & spiritual healing. The energy becomes stronger when Venus trine Neptune... but what does that mean? Astrologers study the "aspects" in the sky, and trine means when a planet is 120 degrees apart, this means that the energy flow better and brings harmony!

Venus trine Neptune a simple sentence: SURROUND WITH BEAUTY

In this Full Moon in Pisces allow yourself to do the things that give you pleasure, connect with your senses, eat that delicious meal that you like, go to the places you love, surround with nature , visit beautiful places, connect with yourself,  you might have more lucid dreams, your intuition will guide you through this Full Moon, be alert! Love yourself and practice self-care 

I want to Thank You all for support this project! & for Being part of this Community! 

Be done in a harmonious way!

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