Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

May 07, 2020

Today May 7th, 2020 the Universe is giving us another opportunity to align with its energy. Today is a magical day because is a Full Moon, full of intensity since is under the sign of Scorpio. This Moon is also called “Full Flower Moon” which represents the beginning of spring. Also according to the Hindu calendar this year Buddha Purnima will be celebrated the same day. Buddha Purnima is a festivity of Buddha’s birthday where his birthday, illumination and death are commemorated.  Many celebrations in one day full of positive energy and enlightenment.

Full Moon means that the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun. Also it’s where the Moon is fully illuminated and it reaches its full illumination by midnight. This particular Full Moon is the last super-moon of the year. It’s called super-moon because it appears to be closer to the Earth by giving a bigger and brighter look. Full Moon can bring spiritual awareness and helps reconnecting with Mother Earth and its cycles. This is a good time to meditate, to be conscious, and stay focus in the present time so we can get the benefits of this Full Moon.

Full Moon in Scorpio can be very intense, profound and secretive. Scorpio is the eight sign in astrology and is ruled by Pluto and Mars. It’s governed by the Water and Fire element, leading this sign to have a very high intensity, sexual attributes and a very extraordinary psychic ability. Also this sign is associated with Death, but not a physical death. Scorpio dies because it was time to transform and transmuted all the negativity. It was time to clean the dirty water. Now in this New Moon is time to be conscious of the things that we don’t need anymore, to bury all the negative believes and it it’s time to transformed them into positivity. Let’s be like the phoenix that reborn from its aches.


Be done in a harmonious way!

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