How can I discover my gifts and talents?

How can I discover my gifts and talents?

March 01, 2021

Are you doing what that child wanted to do when he/she grew up?

By Sherique Perez. Chicago, IL.

There have been many psychological tests and different techniques that can help us find our gifts and talents. How many of us took a psychological test in High School? I remember taking one, where they asked questions related to my preferences, and at the end it will tell me what career I was good for. Those tests were kind of fun for me, because it was kind of a guidance to know what to study. But not always give you the right talents.

Astrology is similar but more profound. We study the planets and its influence. Which resonates with the first spiritual law of the Universe: “as above so below”. A natal chart is what we study in Astrology and it is considered the map of your life. It is the ability to know yourself truly. It can be used as a tool to discover hidden talents and gifts. Deep inside we all know our talents, but we tend to forget about them or put them on the side.

Now, the big question is how can I discover my gifts and talents?

It is important to know yourself. We think we know ourselves, but in reality there are so many things hidden in our subconscious mind that we are not aware. Also, it is important to discover what we really like.

After reading many natal charts, I found it very interesting when I asked people the following question: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? There are some people that start crying, others find it hard to answer, and many people actually said that they forgot about it, but now that I asked they immediately remember it.  

Now the question that I ask is: Are you doing what that child wanted to do when he/she grew up?

In order to discover our talents and gifts, it is of vital importance to heal our relationship with our inner child. When we heal our inner child and let it express itself in its totality, not from the ego, but from the heart. Is there where we can connect with our true gifts and talents. Healing the wounded child, learning to listen to our needs, attending and making ourselves responsible for our emotions and actions, it is there when we also grow spiritually.

This is not something that happens magically. It is a process and it can take a long time. And perhaps when we believe that we are completely healed, other challenges may come. The important thing is to become aware and take the time to analyze those childhood traumas and frustrations.

The most important points in a natal chart are to understand why we are not connecting with those gifts and talents or why it is so difficult for us to discover them. In Astrology we use as a guidance: the Sun, the Moon, Chiron and the 5th house. Of course, it is very important to read the entire natal chart to have a complete understanding. But these are the key points to start that path of evolution. There are also the Lunar Nodes that are very helpful to understand innate abilities from the past and what the soul needs for this present time.

After all, the most important is to listen and heal the inner child. You decided what tool you want to use to find an answer. But your own intuition will guide you through the right path.

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