Learnings that 2020 Left us and The Challenges that 2021 will Bring us!

Learnings that 2020 Left us and The Challenges that 2021 will Bring us!

December 31, 2020

2020 has been a year of constant changes and transformations. The Universe put us on the edge, taking us to new paradigms and beliefs. Astrologically speaking it was a year where the main protagonists were Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto under the sign of Capricorn.

By Sherique Perez. Chicago, IL.

Starting 2020, Saturn and Pluto made a conjunction bringing the rupture of old structures and transforming our life globally. Around March, Jupiter joined them bringing expansion and emphasized in all politicalsocial and financial structures.

It is worth remembering that at mid of the year the lunar nodes were on the Cancer/Capricorn axis where the Eclipses happened.

Eclipses are events where we must take breaksmeditate and self- reflect. It's time of resetting where the energy moves very fast and we can get sensitive; our mood can change easily or things can happen.

During the axis of Eclipses Cancer/Capricorn, the energies demanded to meditate about topics related with our homeour roots and our origins. It was time to reconcile about our childhoodfamily issues, or topics that made us feel more vulnerable or sensitive. It is not a coincidence that in this year the energies forced us to stay at home giving us the opportunity to return to our inner spiritual home.

Most of us thought that we had everything under control. We thought that everything was well shaped. We had a stable job, a stable partner, economic stability or even believing that we had absolute control of our lives. But, the Capricorn axis along with SaturnJupiter and Pluto came to teach us that we were not in absolute control. They came to break all those structures; it was the same Universe constantly asking us for change and transformation.

At the end of the year, on December 29th, we had a particular full moon in Cancer that took us to close a cycle of Eclipses Cancer/Capricorn axis, returning us to the center from where we came, leaving behind old wounds from childhood to become lighter.

At the end of 2020, with the Eclipses in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, forced us to change our thoughtsbeliefs and it twisted us to adapt into a new paradigm. The energies led us to take the wheel of our lives to another direction by doing different things and leaving behind old patterns.

We also had an important astrological event on December 21th, “The Great Conjunction”, Jupiter-Saturn under the sign of Aquarius. This event marked the beginning of the year 2021. Where many astrologers affirm that a new cycle for humanity began. One thing is true, that we will see great technological advancesinnovations, new technological applications that will reinvent our entire paradigm.

We cannot leave behind the entry of Uranus in Taurus in 2018 that will remain stationary until 2025. In 2020 we felt its energy, but definitely in 2021 we will feel more this alignment.

Taurus has to do with…

  • Nature
  • Self-care
  • Nutrition
  • Joy of Life
  • The organic
  • Mother Earth
  • Value ourselves
  • Our own appreciation
  • Connect with the body
  • Connection with the five senses
  • Our relationship with the material and finances

 Aquarius has to do with…

  • Humanity
  • Innovation
  • Liberation
  • Fraternity
  • Technology
  • Collectively

For this year 2021, we will feel more the energy of Uranus in Taurus since there are going to be several events that will activate these energies throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, on January 17thJupiter square Uranus. In astrology, when two planets form an angle of 90 degrees means that they are doing a "square" and most of the time this aspect brings tension. This particular event will bring some stress and frustrations. However, not everything is bad, this tension will help us to expand the way we think and explore different ways to resolve problems. During this transit is important to meditate and self-reflect rather than act impulsively.

Other important dates during 2021 are February 17thJune 14th and December 24th! During those days we will have Saturn square Uranus. The most important thing is to manage these energies in a calm and peaceful way. Meditating, doing something we like and practicing self-care will help harmonize these energies.

Saturn and Uranus are two opposite energies. Saturn is about structures, discipline, authority, limitation, control, boundaries, resilience, karma, time and responsibility. Uranus is about change, originality, unpredictable, revolution, rebellion, liberation, innovations and technology. These are the strongest topics that we will see the most during this year 2021.

We can’t leave behind the Eclipses. During this year we will have four Eclipses.

On May 26th we will have a Total Lunar Eclipse under Sagittarius. During this time we will have the opportunity to meditate topics related to our beliefs, our philosophy of life, to look back and finish positioning ideasdogmas and thoughts.

June 10th, Annular Solar Eclipse under Gemini. This will be the time to pause the mind and take a break from thinking too much. This won't be the moment to sign any contract and to be more aware of the small details.

On November 19th, Partial Lunar Eclipse under Taurus, will be the moment to become aware and re-establish the way we relate to others. This will be a good time to leave behind attachments and ties that do not let us advance. Taurus always wants to be in his comfort zone, but this Eclipse will make us move to release loads that no longer belong to us.

On December 4th, Total Solar Eclipse under Sagittarius, will be another chance to re-evaluate our beliefs. Specially, If we didn’t have the opportunity to do it back in May it will be the time to do it. And, if you were able to analyze your life, it will be time to question if that is the direction that you want to continue. 

The recommendation for this year 2021 is that everything learned from 2020 will help us as a tool to be able to move forward by taking the best decisions and actions. This year 2021 we will feel the energy of Uranus and Taurus very strong. Uranus as I already mentioned, likes sudden changes and Taurus likes stability and safety. It will be a year of many changes and innovations. One of the biggest lessons is to learn to flow with both of these energies and not swim against them. It will be a year of great challenges, and if we learn to move with these energies, we will transform into the best version of ourselves.

Sending Light and Joy to your hearts and remember...

 Be done in a harmonious way!

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