New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

March 24, 2020

Aries is a fiery, passionate and cardinal sign. This means that the energy of Aries wants action, self-expression, and movement. Also is the first sign in astrology, therefore is the one who initiates, the one who leads and always is looking to do new things. Pisces was ruling most of the previous weeks and was teaching us how to connect with our sentimental side and with our psychic abilities. Now, in this new moon in Aries, the Universe is giving us the opportunity to be active again in the material world.

Most of the people globally have to stay at home, which can be hard for the explosive Aries. However, use this time to connect with your desires, with the warrior that is inside of you, with the leader that is hiding. Don’t let this time passed; you can be a warrior even if you have to stay at home.


Here is how you can connect with the energy of Aries:

  • Make a routine at home of physical activity: yoga, cardio, dancing or any activity that you need physical effort; make sure that all your tension comes out. That will help you to feel smother and more relax through the day.
  • Planting new projects: make a list or a journal of new projects that maybe you have been thinking about but for some reason you have to postpone.
  • Focus on your true desires: meditate and stay realistic.
  • Connect with the warrior that lives inside you: believe in yourself.
  • Connect with the fire element: light up a candle, burn some sage or palo santo.
  • Explore your sensual side: try a new dance, maybe belly dance?

In conclusion, this new moon in Aries is giving us the opportunity to start planting the life that we want to live. Let’s take this time to meditate in what we really want. This is a great opportunity to create. Connect with the element of Fire, connect with your emotions and connect you’re your internal WARRIOR!

Be done in a harmonious way!   

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