New Moon in Leo - Connect with your creative side!

New Moon in Leo - Connect with your creative side!

August 18, 2020

Today August 18th, 2020 We are having a New Moon in Leo. It is normal to feel so much energy in the air, because there are so many planets under the element of Fire. Mars in Aries, Mercury, the Sun and now this New Moon in Leo. A lot of Fire!!! And YES! It is normal to feel frustrated, angry and intense.

The most important thing is to be conscious of those feelings and transform them into something positive by using our creative side. Our solar plexus is connected with the creativity so if we explore and connect with that energy things will be smoother. New Moon is the perfect time to manifest and start a new project, is The Universe providing us another opportunity to start again.

At the end of this video My Cosmo Bazaar invites you to use all that Fire energy and CREATE with your hands a Vision Board. You can use a blank piece of paper, or a board, get some old magazines, some color, stickers, use your creativity! For example if you want to start drinking more water then you find a picture of a bottle of water, you cut it and put it into your vision board, and so on... Let's be practical and realistic with the things we want. We can add different things that we can achieve in short period of time.

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Be done in a harmonious way!

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