New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

April 22, 2020

Today April 22, 2020 is an important day, full of energy with a high frequency that is inviting us to connect with Mother Earth. It is not a coincidence that today is Earth Day that is an annual event celebrated around the world. Today is a reminder that not only today, but every day we should take care of Mother Earth. Today is also important because in numerology these numbers 4-22-2020 are reduced into 4/4/4. Also in astrology today is a New Moon in Taurus. We have all the high frequency that the Universe is providing use to start again a new beginning full of positivity and enlightenment.

New Moon in Taurus along with Uranus and the Sun is a highly impact for today’s energy. To begin Taurus is a fixed sign that means it can be stubborn, grounded and almost hard to change their mind. Also its element is earth that represents the material world, is related with nurturing, food, farming and resources. It’s ruled by Venus which represents love, beauty and desires. The energy of Venus gives a subtle touch to this zodiac sign. Also having the Sun in Taurus amplifies its energy and invites us to connect with our body. Some of the things we can do to connect with our body are dancing, doing yoga, aerobics, doing some kind of physical activity. Also cooking, creating with our hands like planting, painting and creating art with our hands is also another way to manifest this energy.

New moon represents new beginnings and new projects. This is the time that the Universe is giving us to create what we want. The energy will be present for a couple more days and we can take advantage of this time to create magic. Every new moon is a new opportunity and having the energy of the portal 4/4/4 expands it even more. Take this time to connect with the energy of Earth and the high frequency of this portal.

  • Tonight or tomorrow night, take a seed from a flower or even from a fruit.
  • Put it in a pot with dirt.
  • Place your hands above the seed and put your intentions.
  • Manifest your desires, any new projects, ideas…
  • Put water every day, put it by the sun and watch it grow!

This is only one exercise that you can do in this New Moon in Taurus along with the energy of 4/4/4, the Universe is inviting us to connect with this energy.This is the time to manifest. 

              Be done in a harmonious way!              

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