Portal 02-02-2020

Portal 02-02-2020

February 02, 2020

Today February 2nd, 2020 is a day to do something different than usual, because it is not an ordinary day.

Today’s day vibrate with the frequency of the numbers 02-02-2020 that represent an important portal. The most important fact is that this portal does not really happened every year or that often. This particular portal happens every 1,000 year. Also this is a double portal that will generate more energy and it will stay open longer than other portals.

Today is just the beginning; on 04-04-2020 will be the actual manifestation of what you wish on 02-02-2020 and this portal will closed on 06-06-2020. Another interesting factor is that you can write today’s day backwards and it will stay the same. Therefore, you need to take advantage and use this time to re-connect.

This portal works with the numbers 0, 2 and 8.

This means that the energy of the number 0 represents:

The beginning and the end, is an absolute energy, is the beginning for the spiritual path, and is the essence with infinite possibilities.

Number 2 means:

Destiny, twin flame, and combined with the energy of the number 0 symbolizes harmony, peace and alliance.

When you add 02+02+2020 the result is number 8 which means:

Abundance, trust in yourself, talents, organization, authority and global changes. Also number 8 symbolizes the infinite which means abundance trough a higher consciousness.


You can connect with this energy starting today and manifest your inner desires.

Start this portal by meditating a couple minutes or at least clear your mind by keeping your body, mind and spirit in a relaxation way. You can also go to the park or light up a candle or an incense to feel calmer. Now that you feel relax you can…

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half.
  2. On the left side write down 2/2 and underneath write down your life path number*.
  3. In the right side write down 4/4 and underneath whatever your path number is subtracts 22.
  4. On the left side write down two things that you want to obtain; for example if you want to buy a new house you can write “I want to buy a new house.”
  5. On the right side you will write “I have a new house.”
  6. Remember you can write up two wishes.
  7. After you are done you will insert that paper into a white envelope and you will put it under your pillow, before you are going to bed visualize your two desires until 04-04-2020.
  8. On 04-04-2020 you will burn that piece of paper, and you can put the ashes under a tree or a plant.

This is a portal where you can re-connect with your true essence. You can also manifest in a positive way any desires that you want. Make sure that you do this with the best intentions, be thankful with Mother Earth that is giving us this opportunity that only happens every 1,000 years. Be done in a harmonious way!  


*If you are not familiar with your life path number is very simple to calculate. You will need to add your full birthday and reduce it to one digit, except if the final total is 11, 22, or 33. Those are considering master numbers. Example:

Birthday: Month: May  Date: 05 Year: 1980 Total:
         5+           5+ 1+9+8+0= 28
Reduce to one digit: 2+8=10 1+0= 1


                                            5 + 5 + 1+9+8+0 = 2+8 = 10 = 1

For this example the life path number is: 1.


Have a blessed portal! 


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