Virgo Season - Perfect time to break habits and start a new routine!

Virgo Season - Perfect time to break habits and start a new routine!

August 22, 2020

Between August 22 and August 23, 2020 the energy is shifting into Virgo. The planet that rules Virgo is Mercury and its element is the Earth. The energy of Virgo is asking us to start listening to our body, to break old habits that does not contribute to our personal and spiritual growth. This is the time to start a new healthy routine, where you can focus on your body, mind and spirit.

In this video I am sharing my own personal experience of how I started breaking habits and started to hydrate more my body with the simple action of drinking water. It might sound basic and simple to do, but in reality it was harder than what you think. I also started to investigate more about how many bottle of water I needed to drink a day in order to keep my body hydrated. One question that I ask you...

Do you know how many bottle of water a day does your body needs?

I have an answer for that question. In this video I share a simple equation that you can make as well. Depending of the total of weight in pounds, you divide that number by 16 and the total are the 8 oz of glasses of water that your body needs a day. 

You can start with a small portion a day then you can increase until you get to your total number of ounces that you need to drink a day. You can also get an alarm system that reminds you to drink water or you can partner with a friend and that way you can remind each other. 

In this Virgo Season is inviting us to do selfcare, to break old habits and to start a new routine that we can incorporated into our daily life. So that way we can make a positive impact into our life. 

Another examples that you can make in this Virgo Season is connecting with Mother Earth like visiting nature, walking barefoot, touch or hug a tree. Remember that Virgo has a fast mind and wants everything clean and organize so it is the perfect time to take the time and being with Nature. Trying to be so perfect like Virgo make us feel anxious and we might be carrying stress, so don't forget to really meditate and connect with Nature.


Be done in a harmonious way!


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