Welcome to My Cosmo Bazaar!

My name is Sherique Perez, a Panamanian-American woman passionate about the ancestral cultures' knowledge around the world. This adventure began when I exposed in different communities art shows during the spring/summer time of 2019. I was growing so fast, but due to the pandemic all art shows were down; that's why, with my husband's motivation, I decided to create this web-page!

To understand a little bit more about what My Cosmo Bazaar is we need to go back in time. When I was a child I took a workshop where I learned to make craft jewelry. It started as a hobby, but over time, it became part of my life. I started making jewelry and gave them to my family and friends as a gift, for their birthday, or any special occasion. Meanwhile I was improving my skills, I started to be attracted to natural gemstones and crystals. I learned about the natural gemstones properties and soon I started incorporating crystals on my jewelry designs.

On the other hand, since I was a child I also was captivate about the ancient cultures' wisdom, particularly, their knowledge about the astral movements and its relationship with human behavior. This is how throughout time I have been studying the human mind from an astrology point of view. At the same time I have been discovering the benefits that the essential oils provide to the body, mind and the spirit. That is how, I decided to combine holistic alternative solutions and astrology wisdom with my jewelry designs to help people.

I continue to expand and My Cosmo Bazaar is now able to provide craft candles, essential oils, diffusers, yoga accessories, and more items to up lift the physical, mental and spiritual energy.