Lemongrass - prevent beriberi, insects repellent, relaxation +


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Lemongrass is called the "connective tissue essential oil", because it tightens and tones the skin and connective tissue. This makes useful in massage and compresses after sports injuries, general strains and sprains, and after dieting when the connective tissues and skin may have lost tone and become slack. Overall, lemongrass is cooling, refreshing and stimulating. It has excellent antiseptic and deodorant properties, which make it a good choice to use in a burner to clear and freshen the air. Lemongrass is a powerful insecticide, and as a local wash or spray for pets it keeps fleas and bad odors at bay. Lemongrass is soothing for headaches, but should be properly diluted before applying it to the temples, and it is good blended with lavender.

Psychologically, lemongrass is uplifting and energizing. It is especially useful to get you going in the morning, and a few drops sprinkled in the shower surrounds you with fresh, new energy. Lemongrass is also good for concentration and clear thinking, so it is useful in a burner when you are studying or meditating.

Use it for

  • fighting infection
  • repelling insects
  • supporting detoxification
  • treating blemishes
  • boosting skin health
  • energizing the mind

Main therapeutic properties

  • analgesic
  • antidepressant
  • antimicrobial
  • antiseptic
  • astringent
  • bactericide
  • carminative
  • deodorant
  • febrifuge
  • insecticidal
  • nervine
  • tonic


  • Bath: for a detoxifying bath that can also boost your mental clarity, add 5 to 8 drops of lemongrass to a tablespoon of a carrier oil and add to a warm bath.
  • Direct inhalation: for a quick and easy way to break through a mental fog, rub 1 drop of lemongrass between your palms, place hands over your nose, and inhale deeply.
  • Skincare: to create a blemish-battling face wash, mix ½ cup (120ml) of an unscented castile soap with 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil and 10 drops of lemongrass. Shake before each use. 

Contraindications: Do not use on sensitive or very sensitive skin. Use in moderation-no more than 3 drops in the bath and no more than 2 percent in massage oil.


  • Scientific Name: Cymbopogon citratus
  • Family: Gramineae
  • Country of Origin: Guatemala
  • Net Content: 0.34 fl oz/10ml