Orange - moisturizer skin, digestion promote, vitamin C, comfort +


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Orange is know as the "smiley oil" and is familiar, joyful and warming. It is gentle enough to use in children, who enjoy its fruity fragrance. Orange is very good in local massage and compresses for settling digestive upsets, and has a normalizing, regulating effects that is beneficial for camps, constipation, diarrhea and flatulence. Overall, orange is tonic, soothing and refreshing.

Orange has a similar (though lesser) effect to neroli on the nervous system, and is good in massage and baths for anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Psychologically, orange is cheering and uplifting, helping you to find laughter and joy in life. It reduces fear of the unknown and relieve self-doubt, helping you to find an inner radiance and optimism. Orange also helps to stimulate stagnant subtle energies.

Use it for

  • de-stressing
  • mitigating anxiety
  • uplifting emotions
  • alleviating insomnia
  • soothing headaches¬†

Main therapeutic properties

  • antidepressant
  • antiinflamatory
  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodic
  • carminative
  • digestive
  • sedative
  • stomachic
  • tonic


  • Direct inhalation: for an instant mood booster, rub 1 drop of sweet orange oil between your palms, place hands over your nose, and inhale deeply.
  • Diffusion: diffuse sweet orange with clove during the winter months for a festive, uplifting scent.
  • Skincare: create a body scrub to get sweet orange's aromatic benefits while nourishing your skin as well. Add 20 drops of sweet orange to¬†¬Ĺ cup (120ml) of jojoba oil. Mix the combined oils with 7 ounces (200g) of demerara sugar. Apply scrub directly to skin in the shower.¬†

Contraindications: Orange essential oil is a photosensitizer; do not use on skin that may be exposed to the sun.


  • Scientific Name: Citrus sinesis
  • Family: Rutaceae
  • Country of Origin: Brazil
  • Net Content: 0.34 fl oz/10ml¬†