Rose - whitening, antiaging wrinkle, relax, pigmentation remove +


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Rose oil is a pure natural plant essential oil, mainly has the following features: fragrant, natural aroma into the brain via the olfactory nerve, the anterior lobe can stimulate the brain secrete endorphin eliminated enkephalin and eliminating the two kinds of hormones, so that the spirit of the most comfortable state, this is the best remedy to guard the soul; anti-inflammatory sterilization, anti-infectious disease, anti-inflammation, anti-spasm, promote cell regeneration and the new supersedes the old. Make life better; can regulate the endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, aphrodisiac, supplement, let the body's physical and mental activity for the development of good; can be applied to a variety of skin, firming, play soothing properties, nourish the skin, anti-aging.

Rose oil has antibacterial, anti spasm, sterilization, purification, sedative, aphrodisiac, tonic and other effects. Applicable to all skin types, especially mature dry or sensitive, any sensitive swelling and inflammation of the skin. Rose has a strong contraction and capillary effect, has an excellent effect on aging skin rejuvenation.
Smooth mood, depression, grief, jealousy and hatred, boost mood, relieve nervous tension and stress, can make women have positive feelings of self. Rose essential oil of natural plant oils king, widely used in cosmetic, beauty, food, tobacco and perfumes and cosmetics flavouring agent.

Rose essential oil to prevent infectious diseases, the treatment of skin, regulate endocrine, promote human physiological and psychological activities. The natural fragrance of the olfactory nerve enters the human body, can make the spirit of comfort, pleasure, pleasure, anxiety, depression, stress, help sleep, promote cell regeneration, The new supersedes the old. and blood circulation, can make the body healthy, beautiful, life is more beautiful.

Main therapeutic properties

  • Antidepressant
  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodic
  • aphrodisiac
  • emmenagogue
  • hepatic
  • nervine
  • sedative
  • tonic
  • uterine

Whitening effect 

People known as the "Queen of the essential oil of rose essential oil".
Three characteristics of rose essential oil whitening effect is good depends on the essential oil: strong permeability, safety and perfect the absorption rate of 100%. Rose oil is the only natural maintenance between heaven and earth element cycle without leaving residues into the skin and the body of essential oils, aromatic liquid substance flowers and leaves, seeds and other parts of a plant's natural extraction. The molecular structure of essential oils is very small, the skin is more acceptable, the absorption rate is almost perfect, the most important is natural, pure, no side effect.

Oil 3-5 seconds to penetrate the skin dermis, subcutaneous tissue; 5-8 minutes into the blood and lymphatic system of the human body for 4-12 hours a week around the body, carrying the toxin free from in vitro.

Note: do not need to be diluted, used directly. The night before bed to use, not during the day. Avoid contact with eyes, not oral, pregnant women, do not let the child contact.


  • Skin care:¬†rose essential oil Whitening Cleanser (hot 35 degrees), spray a small amount on the face, fingers, gently pat till absorbed. Straw use essential oil bottle, two drops of the face or the affected area. Ring finger massage for 10 minutes, until completely absorbed.
  • Incense:¬†blend a few drops of rose oil with water and put it into the oil burner or electric vaporizer, the use of incense heating apparatus temperature, make the oil escaping to the atmosphere.
  • Bath: a few drops of rose oil or liquid (water) 50-100ml rose -- add hot water pool, first stir before entering the pool, the water temperature is controlled at about 39 DEG C, not too hot, because the rose oil is not easy to dissolve in water, the first oil base oil, add milk, honey, salt. So, mixed with water;
  • Foot bath: add hot water in a basin (water temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius) about ankle height, drop into 1 drops of essential oil, rose essence or 50-100ml (perfume) -- immersion in water.
  • Massage: put 2 drops of rose oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil 2 drops in the bottom 5 ml massage oil, 1- 2 times weekly for the facial skin massage can make the skin moist, soft, young and energetic. Such as body massage, can create a romantic passion, the whole body skin moist supple, soft and easy. Its aroma has aphrodisiac effects; more can delay aging.
  • Menstrual pain: Rose, Geranium 4 drops in a pot of hot water, wet towel abdomen for half an hour, can cure the pain. With rose 2 drops, 2 drops of geranium in 5 ml of massage base oil, gently massage in a clockwise direction in the lower abdomen, can relieve the pain.
  • Romantic roses fragrant bath: a¬†bath of warm water, drip 8-10 drops of rose essential oil, bubble bath in the tub 15 - 20 minutes, so that every cell of the body have been nourished by roses nose, inhaling the aroma of roses, can increase the romantic taste, pool plant life. Rose Bath after the first not to wear clothes, with a towel wrapped the body, sit for 15 minutes to take a deep breath, relax the body to be better, can delay life, improve personal temperament, rose bath can be 1-2 times a week

Contraindications: do not use rose while pregnant.


  • Scientific Name:¬†Rosa damascena
  • Family:¬†Rosaceae
  • Country of Origin: Morocco
  • Net Content:¬†0.34 fl oz/10ml